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Author Topic: New Salon spraytan extractor booth  (Read 4102 times)

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Within the next 4 weeks we will be launching our new salon spraytan booth. it uses the same type of washable dual density  filter, over 700 spraytans before it needs replacing, thats as long as its washed every day that it has been used. If a salon does 10 spraytans per week that could mean a saving of over 300 a year, why waste money on filters that are useless after 10-20 tannings?  after 4 yrs of 10 tannings a week you would save the cost of the booth, how that for value.
The booth will filter over 1300 cubic metres per hour. it has high quality construction and build. Black powder coated for a long life and does not show up the spray tan liquid as much as a lighter colour would, built in storage, a non-slip textured rubber mat for the base. The modesty panels on each side are made from shatter proof Acrylic, Frosted Black in texture and colour. it is made to the same high quality as our world wide best seller the MC760T in our Gosport factory, this is not an import.
we have sold over 5000 of the MC760T throughout  the UK,Europe and Australia, we are now sorting out an agent in the USA after enquiries from there.
the price will be very competitive,


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