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Author Topic: TURBINE is key  (Read 7148 times)

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« on: October 14, 2009, 02:19:24 AM »

I was helping a salon get set up with Spray tanning, they bought a HVLP machine online and thought they made the right choice.
When I got there I realized it is an HVLP spray gun on a air compressor. I find it so important to use a HVLP spray gun on a turbine. The turbine moves a lot of air causing the product to dry quicker and you use less solution.
A turbine is a little louder, but makes a huge impact on the tan.

 Can I get some feedback on this?


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« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2011, 01:24:23 PM »

HVLP Spray Guns are manufactured in 2 variants, those that can only operate with compressed air, and those that can only operate with Turbines.

Compressor fed HVLP Guns (such as the St Tropez LH50 Gun), tend to be smaller than the traditional HVLP guns seen on the market. These cannot be fed by Turbine as the gun port sizes are very small. This would create too much back pressure to the Turbine, rapidly over-heating the turbine resulting with it burning out.

Turbine fed HVLP guns have much larger air input ports, much larger air caps creating less back pressure to the turbine, allowing it to fiunction efficiently.

Both technologies can be used successfully for spray tanning however, there is equipment on the market that has not been matched correctly. It is important that the gun / air generator are matched and therefore, fit for purpose. A poor match often results in the spray being too wet, speckly or, over-atomised - blasting the client during treatment. Fortunately this is not so common now.

In answer to the question, the fact you have a HVLP spray gun does not mean it can be fed by a Turbine.

HVLP by the way, means High Volume Low Pressure, meaning it has a High Volume of air at a Low Pressure. (previously quoted by someone as High Velocity). You may also want to know that HVLP technology is a design feature of the Air Cap, not necessarily the gun itself, or the Turbine.


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